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Ways to interact with a girl

7 ways to interact with girls effectively

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Approach A Girl - There are many men and boys who want to interact with girls but they don't know how to start. And if this somehow starts talking to that one girl then they don't know how to continue it that talk. There are some very basic tips and tricks that you have to take care of while talking to a girl to make the interaction interesting and increase the chance contacting that girl again. So today, I am going to tell you about seven basic tips that you have to take care of while talking to girl:

1) Good eye contact

A good eye contact is the most effective way to start a beautiful conversation with any other unknown person. Here by eye contact I doesn't meant with that creepy type of eye contact, I mean for the most elegant eye contact that makes the other person feel comfortable and show that you are interested in her. In response if the other person's also shows interest in you then that's the perfect opportunity for you to talk with you with her.

2) Try to avoid cheap talks

By cheap talks I meant goes creepy and cheap type of pickup line that most of the people use to say. It works for some girls but in most cases it makes you look like a cheap person. To start an interaction with any girl you don't need those creepy lines a simple 'hello' with also do the work. Go to the girl and say 'hi and my name is that' it is the most appropriate way to introduce yourself and start talking to a girl. As I already told you earlier that those cheap lines make you look like a cheap person. A girl can talk with a cheap person for one time but she would not like to talk with him for another time.

3) Make her feel comfortable

When you are talking to an unknown girl for the first time, it's very important to make her feel comfortable, I want to continue talking with her. You can act funny or make her laugh. If you are able to make her laugh then its great advantage. As it is seen that girls often like those boys who can make her laugh and happy.

4) Compliment her in nice way

Ok boys, if you are with a girl and you doesn't compliment her then its a big mistake. Girl like when someone compliments her, as it shows that you are paying attention to her. Girls like it very much that if someone compliments her and pays her attention. But you have to take care of boys that your compliment should be real you should not say anything that comes to your mind. It is very easy for girls to find out that you are complimenting her really adjust making out anything to impress her. And one thing more that you have to take care of that your compliment should be nice and short, you should not make any unrealistic compliment.

5) Avoid unreal big talks about yourself

So you are talking to a girl and trying to impress her, then you should tell her about your hobbies and things that make you different from others. But one thing that you should always remember, that you should avoid big talks that are unreal. Girls have a very powerful 6th sense. She will know immediately that you talking real or you are just a big mouth and it makes you look like a fool and liar.

6) Set up plan for future meeting

When you are talking to a girl for the first time it's obvious that it will not be a big conversation so when you are talking to a girl for the first time you should make plans with her for future meeting before parting off. It shows that you are interested in that girl. This conversation also gives you other topic to talk on as you have to decide on other time, date and venue where you have to meet it will take time to decide and it's also great topic as it shows that how much interested you are in that particular girl.

7) Listen to the girl

You know girls really like to talk. If you start a conversation with a girl for the first time, first of all you have to make her comfortable and after that you have to ask about her, that what she does, where she lives, what are her interested movies, interests and hobbies etc. Girls do not like those men who keep talking about themselves, you can say about yourself in a one or two lines in between to keep the conversation alive but you have to listen to her in a way that you are liking that conversation this will make girl interested in you.

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